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Become a Professional Mediator

Mediation is a long established way of resolving disputes.

Recent changes in the law has moved mediation to the centre stage as the preferred way forward for both the public and the courts.

Mediation is an often challenging, but ultimately rewarding career. Disputes vary widely, and all have their own unique challenges and circumstances. No two mediation cases are ever really the same and Mediators have to be quick thinking, creative, resourceful and ready for the sudden changes and surprises that any mediation session can bring.

The LBA Excellence Programme

LBA Excellence is a comprehensive programme of Mediation training, information, supervision and services to support new professional Mediators who aspire to be the best. Fully recognised by both the College of Mediators, the Family Mediation Council and the Family Mediation Standards Board, LBA Excellence training and support packages are suitable for those wanting to develop a career as a professional mediator, the professional development of those who are already established mediators and also for other professionals seeking high quality training in mediation skills to augment their current professional roles.

We work with a wide range of Mediation Professionals to provide training that has a strong focus on practice. Courses are a combination of theoretical input, group discussion and opportunities to practice new ideas and build new skills, and are designed to draw on the existing skills and knowledge of course participants.

What makes the LBA Excellence programme different?

The LBA Excellence programme was the very first modular Mediation Foundation Training course, designed as part of a fresh approach to mediation training. It is designed to give participants a firm grounding in the fundamentals of mediation skills and processes before applying those to their chosen specialist area of dispute resolution. Our courses lead to a recognised mediation qualification in your chosen area of mediation, while also enabling mediators to progress by enrolling on further modules specialising in other areas of mediation at a later date to broaden their areas of expertise over time on a wider range of disputes.

The programme also enables mediators who have already trained in one area of mediation to convert to another area of mediation without having to go back to basics each time.

The Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution Course

For many years, those wishing to embark on a career as a mediator have often faced a daunting array of courses in various types of dispute, be it family, workplace, or civil and commercial, most of which require you to train from scratch.

We recognise that all mediation starts with a foundation of fundamental knowledge and skills. So our training starts with The Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution, a comprehensive foundation training in key mediation skills and processes. This course is recognised by the College of Mediators for both Community and Workplace Mediation and as the first part of more advanced training in Family and Civil and Commercial Mediation. Our five day course covers:

Day 1 – Understanding Conflict and the Principles, processes and skills used by the mediator

Day 2 – Mediation Models, stages and styles

Day 3 – Making Mediation Accessible and Safe

Day 4 – Mediation Skills development

Day 5 – Working Towards Artistry (Includes a formal assessment of skill and knowledge)

Please ask for our Course Information Pack for full details

Successful completion of the Fundamentals course enables you to join the College of Mediators as a Community and Workplace Mediator. It also enables you to progress to a Specialism Course to become qualified in a particular area of Mediation such as Family and Civil & Commercial.

The Specialism Courses

These courses typically follow directly on from the Fundamentals Courses. They are for those who have completed the Fundamentals Course and wish to specialise in a specific area of mediation and be able to join national registers such as the College of Mediators and the Family Mediation Council as a Trained Mediator in that area. These courses can in some cases, also be accessed by trained mediators (i.e. those who already hold qualifications which would enable them to join the College of Mediators at least at Trained Mediator level), for example a community mediator who would like to offer Civil & Commercial mediation.

Family Specialism

The Family Specialism Course is a 6 day course open to mediators who have attended our Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution Course.

Due to current Family Mediation Council rules, it is not currently possible for existing mediators (such as Civil & Commercial, Workplace and Community trained Mediators), to train as family mediators by attending a Family Conversion course alone.

Those wishing to train as a Family Mediator are advised to attend both the Fundamentals Course and the Family Specialism Course in combination.

Our course covers the following topics:-

Day 1 – Mediation skill, processes, and issues in a family dispute context.

Day 2 – Specialist knowledge and skills for family disputes

Day 3 – Family Law for Mediators and All Issues Mediation.

Day 4 – Family Law for Mediators and All Issues Mediation.

Day 5 – Working Towards Artistry as a Family Mediator

Day 6 – Formal Assessment of skill and knowledge

Our six day Family Specialism course is recognised by the Family Mediation Council and has been awarded the Family Mediation Standards Board Approved Foundation Training badge. Successful completion of both the Fundamentals and Family Specialism Courses will allow trainees to register with the FMC as a Trained Family Mediator and enables them to begin working towards their FMC Accreditation and progress as a professional family mediator.

The course is also independently recognised by the College of Mediators and successful completion will allow trainees to apply to join the College as a Trained Family Mediator

For more information on how to apply for this course and forthcoming course dates please contact our Training Manager on 01793 887 227

Or alternatively email us at

Post Training Support.

We believe that good mediation training is much more than just providing an initial course. We offer post course support services including mentoring and professional practice consultancy to those looking to start up their own practice and work towards higher accredited status such as the FMCA. We will also try to help you find a mediation practice placement and keep you informed of regular work, training and networking and support opportunities. Please see our (link) Professional development and CPD pages (/link) or see our Training Pack to find out more.

Training Costs

We aim to provide the best possible standards of training at an affordable price for everyone. We also try to support trainees and students on low incomes by offering alternative payment plans and discounted rates where possible. We offer a special joint rate for those who want to attend both the Fundamentals Course and a Specialism Course in combination.

Current prices for our spring courses are:-

Combined Fundamentals and Family Specialism course (for those wishing to train as a family mediator recognised by Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators) – £2280

The Fundamentals of Dispute Resolution course alone (for those wishing to train as Community and Workplace mediators recognised by the College of Mediators) – £1,280

 A limited number of reduced rate places are available for applicants on a low income. Please contact us for further information.

When booking on our courses, trainees will need to pay a £500 deposit to secure their place when they make their application. They can either then pay the outstanding balance before the start of the course, or alternatively we can arrange payment by two instalments, usually due before the start of each of the courses if they are booking onto the Fundamentals and a Specialism course.

We hope you have found the information on this page interesting. If you would like an application pack please contact us. If you are new to mediation and would like to discuss a potential career as a mediator or you are an organisation seeking training in mediation skills to compliment the current skills of your team, or for any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01793 887227 or at

We hope to see you soon!